Volume & Issue: Volume 34, Issue 7, TRANSACTIONS A: Basics, July 2021, Pages 1557-1809 
Nitrogen Starvation Effect Versus its Excess on the Performance of Arthrospira maxima in Zarrouk’s Medium

Pages 1557-1568

N. Mirhosseini; R. Davarnejad; A. Hallajisani; O. Tavakoli; E. Cano-Europa

Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica Xerogel from Geothermal Sludge using Sulfuric Acid as Gelation Agent

Pages 1569-1575

H. Widiyandari; P. Pardoyo; J. Sartika; O. A. Putra; A. Purwanto; L. Ernawati

Operating Wheelchair Using Flex Sensor

Pages 1703-1709

D. Pant; N. Singh; P. Gupta

A New Consensus-based Distributed Adaptive Control for Islanded Microgrids

Pages 1725-1735

M. Keshavarz; A. Doroudi; M.H. Kazemi; N. Mahdian Dehkordi

Stability Analysis of AC/DC Microgrids in Island Mode

Pages 1750-1765

M. khanalizadeh Eini; M. Mirhosseini Moghadam; A. Tavakoli; B. Alizadeh

System of Comprehensive Assessment of Project Risks in the Energy Industry

Pages 1778-1784

G. A. Stroykov; N. V. Babyr; I. V. Ilin; R. S. Marchenko