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General Engineering

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International Journal of Engineering (IJE) is published in three quarterly transactions. Transactions A (Basics) deal with the engineering fundamentals. Transactions B (Applications) are concerned with the application of engineering knowledge in the daily life of the human being and Transactions C (Aspects) - starting from January 2012 - emphasize on the main engineering aspects whose elaboration can yield knowledge and expertise that can equally serve all branches of engineering discipline.

Editor-in-Chief:   Prof. G.D. Najafpour, Ph.D.
Full Edition Title:   International Journal of Engineering
ISSN:   1025-2495
e-ISSN:   1735-9244
Publisher:   Materials and Energy Research Center
Since:   1988


Transactions Title ISSN e-ISSN
International Journal of Engineering 
Transactions A: Basics
1728-1431 1735-9244
International Journal of Engineering 
Transactions B: Applications
1728-144X 1735-9244
International Journal of Engineering 
Transactions C: Aspects
2423-7167 1735-9244


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Emerging source citation IJE

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Plagiarism Checker PlagScan/Pro Since March 2016, International Journal of Engineering (IJE) has effectively utilized plagiarism checker for the detection of the quality of all submitted articles in review process. Once a paper is reviewed before any decision the editorial board meet monthly; we shall provide full report from board of reviewers and PlagScan to assist board members to judge and make correct decision. Based on recommendations the results would be shared with authors for revision and improving the quality of publication in IJE. All submitted manuscripts to IJE should be original and any part of the article should not be plagiarized. Even reviewed article before any decision, the content is checked for plagiarism through PlagScan data base. For any submitted manuscript, the plagiarism level greater than 15% including author name, affiliation and references is automatically rejected. We are pleased with the services provided by PlagScan data base; in fact IJE's board members welcome any international publishers to provide IJE special services for improving internationalization and also help us to get recognition, prefect global impact and publicity to approach Thomson Reuters standard criteria.

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Current Issue: Volume 34, Issue 12, TRANSACTIONS C: Aspects, December 2021 

1. Proposing a model for a resilient supply chain: A meta-heuristic algorithm

Mehrzad Navabakhsh; Somayeh Shafaghizadeh; Sadoullah Ebrahimnejad; Seyed Mojtaba Sajadi

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