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ISO Abbreviation: Int. J. Eng.

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Issue Per Year 12
Number of Volumes 36
Number of Issues 249
Number of Articles 3,494
Number of Contributors 6,416
Article View 1,373,330
PDF Download 853,365
View Per Article 393.05
PDF Download Per Article 244.24
Number of Submissions 5,703
Rejected Submissions 4,425
Reject Rate 78
Accepted Submissions 979
Acceptance Rate 17
Time to Accept (Days) 111
Number of Indexing Databases 26
Number of Reviewers 2458
Google Scholar No. of Citations 3097
Google Scholar h-index 25
Google Scholar i10-index 77


Transactions A: Basics

Transactions B: Applications

Transactions C: Aspects

International Journal of Engineering (IJE) is published in three quarterly transactions. Transactions A (Basics) deal with the engineering fundamentals. Transactions B (Applications) are concerned with the application of engineering knowledge in the daily life of the human being and Transactions C (Aspects) - starting from January 2012 - emphasize on the main engineering aspects whose elaboration can yield knowledge and expertise that can equally serve all branches of engineering discipline.

Editor-in-Chief:   Prof. G.D. Najafpour, Ph.D.
Full Edition Title:   International Journal of Engineering
ISSN:   1025-2495
e-ISSN:   1735-9244
Publisher:   Materials and Energy Research Center
Since:   1988


Transactions Title ISSN e-ISSN
International Journal of Engineering 
Transactions A: Basics
1728-1431 1735-9244
International Journal of Engineering 
Transactions B: Applications
1728-144X 1735-9244
International Journal of Engineering 
Transactions C: Aspects
2423-7167 1735-9244


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Emerging source citation IJE

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Current Issue: Volume 36, Issue 4, TRANSACTIONS A: Basics, April 2023 

Integrated Linear Integer Model of a Fleet Allocation and Aircraft Routing Problem with Operational Constraints

Ahmad Shabanpour; Mahdi Bashiri; Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam; Azamdokht Safi-Samghabadi

A Light Solution for Device Diversity Problem in a WLAN Fingerprint Indoor Positioning System

Firdaus Firdaus; Irfan Fadhillah; Noor Azurati Ahmad; Adi Azlan Mohd Ali

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