Volume & Issue: Volume 34, Issue 3, TRANSACTIONS C: Aspects, March 2021, Pages 587-755 
Photocatalytic removal of toluene from gas stream using chitosan/AgI-ZnO Nanocomposite fixed on glass bed under UVA irradiation

Pages 598-605

A. Poormohammadi; Z. Ghaedrahmat; M. Ahmad Moazam; N. Jaafarzadeh; M. Enshayi; N. Sharifi

The Effects of BIM Maturity Level on the 4D Simulation Performance: An Empirical Study

Pages 606-614

M. Dadashi Haji; H. Taghaddos; M.H. Sebt; F. Chokan; M. Zavari

Application of Sorbent Waste Material for Porous Ceramics Production

Pages 621-628

S. Sverguzova; N. Miroshnichenko; I. Shaikhiev; Z. Sapronova; E. Fomina; N. Shakurova; V. Promakhov

Removing of Sb and As from Electrolyte in Copper Electrorefining Process: A Green Approach

Pages 700-705

M.R. Shojaei; G.R. Khayati; N. Assadat Yaghubi; F. Bagheri Sharebabaki; S.M.J Khorasani

Direct Drive Friction Welding Joint Strength of AISI 304

Pages 714-720

A. Jabbar Hassan; T. Boukharouba; D. Miroud; N. Titouche; S. Ramtani

Experimental Investigation of the Change of Elastic Moduli of Clastic Rocks under Nonlinear Loading

Pages 750-755

M. A. Guzev; E. V. Kozhevnikov; M. S. Turbakov; E. P. Riabokon; V. V. Poplygin