Volume & Issue: Volume 34, Issue 2, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, February 2021, Pages 305-586 
Essential Improvements in Gypsum Mortar Characteristics

Pages 319-325

M. Hashempour; A. A. Samani; A. Heidari

Human Action Recognition using Prominent Camera

Pages 427-432

P. Sh. Kavimandan; R. Kapoor; K. Yadav

Simulation of Photovoltaic System as a Tool of a State’s Energy Security

Pages 487-492

V. V. Martynyuk; M. P. Voynarenko; J. M. Boiko; O. Svistunov

Hydroxyapatite Coating on Stainless Steel 316L using Flame Spray Technique

Pages 493-499

F. Gapsari; N. A. Hidayatia; P. H. Setyarini; M P.N Alan; R. Subagyo; A. Andoko

Analytical Approach of Fe3O4-Ethylene Glycol Radiative Magnetohydrodynamic Nanofluid on Entropy Generation in a Shrinking Wall with Porous Medium

Pages 517-527

U. Humphries; M. Govindaraju; P. Kaewmesri; P. Hammachukiattikul; B. Unyong; G. Rajchakit; R. Vadivel; N. Gunasekaran

Effects of Road Roughness, Aerodynamics, and Weather Conditions on Automotive Wheel Force

Pages 536-546

K. Reza Kashyzadeh; S.M.S Mousavi Bafrouyi; S.M. Khorsandijou