Volume & Issue: Volume 34, Issue 5, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, May 2021, Pages 1074-1389 
Experimental Investigations on Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Columns under Monotonic Axial Loading

Pages 1124-1131

S. Sirimontreea; S. Keawsawasvong; C. Thongchom; P. Jongvivatsakul; E. Noroozinejad Farsangi

Developing a Bi-objective Mathematical Model to Design the Fish Closed-loop Supply Chain

Pages 1257-1268

M. Fasihi; R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam; S.E. Najafi; M. Hajiaghaei-Keshteli

Influence of Immersion Corrosion on Mechanical Properties of AISI 430/AISI 316L Dissimilar Welded Joints

Pages 1352-1361

A. M. Barrios; L. M. Burgos; E. E. Niebles-Nuñez; L. A. Espitia; J. Unfried-Silgado