Volume & Issue: Volume 36, Issue 10, TRANSACTIONS A: Basics, October 2023, Pages 1720-1941 
A Fault Tolerant Operation of 3-Phase, 5-Level CHBMLI under Open Circuit Fault Conditions

Pages 1733-1745

R. Kumar; M. A. Chaudhari; P. Chaturvedi; K. S. Raja Sekhar

Effect of Mg Addition on Morphology, Roughness and Adhesion of Cr Chromized Layer Produced by Pack Cementation

Pages 1773-1782

S. Djemmah; Y. Madi; M. Voué; A. Haddad; D. Allou; S. Oualllam; H. Bouchafaa; A. Rezzoug

Use of Waste Materials for Sustainable Development of Rigid Pavement

Pages 1919-1931

L. A. A. Al-Hindawi; A. M. Al-Dahawi; A. Sh. J. Al-Zuheriy