Volume & Issue: Volume 36, Issue 6, TRANSACTIONS C: Aspects, June 2023, Pages 1034-1200 
A Proposed Model for Persian Stance Detection on Social Media

Pages 1048-1059

M. Farhoodi; A. Toloie Eshlaghy; M. R. Motadel

Human Disease Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques and Real-life Parameters

Pages 1092-1098

K. Gaurav; A. Kumar; P. Singh; A. Kumari; M. Kasar; T. Suryawanshi

Evaluation of lightweight Concrete Core Test Including Steel Bars

Pages 1121-1128

H. A. Goaiz; H. A. Jabir; M. A. Abdulrehman; T. S. Al-Gasham

Electrolyte Temperature Dependency of Electrodeposited Nickel in Sulfate Solution on the Hardness and Corrosion Behaviors

Pages 1193-1200

S. Syamsuir; B. Soegijono; S. D. Yudanto; B. Basori; M. K. Ajiriyanto; D. Nanto; F. B. Susetyo