Volume & Issue: Volume 28, Issue 4, TRANSACTIONS A: Basics, April 2015 
2. Fe/TiO2 Catalyst for Photodegradation of Phenol in Water

Pages 499-506

Somayrh Sohrabi; Faranak Akhlaghian

5. Starvation Free Scheduler for Buffered Crossbar Switches (RESEARCH NOTE)

Pages 523-528

Chithra Devi; Kannan Balasubramanian; Narayanan Prasanth

6. Eagle Strategy Based Maximum Power Point Tracker for Fuel Cell System

Pages 529-536

MohammadAli Taghikhani; Iman Soltani; Mohammad Parpaei

14. A New Procedure of Impact Wearevaluation of Mill Liner (RESEARCH NOTE)

Pages 593-598

S. H. Mansouri; Masoud Rezaeizadeh; Mehdi Akhondizadeh

20. More about Thermosyphone Rankine Cycle Performance Enhancement (RESEARCH NOTE)

Pages 642-647

Majid Baygan; Ali Mohammadnia; Behrooz Ziapour