Volume & Issue: Volume 28, Issue 10, TRANSACTIONS A: Basics, October 2015 
3. Zinc Adsorption Properties of Alginate-SBA-15 Nanocomposite

Pages 1415-1422

Mohammadreza Kosari; Hamid Sepehrian

9. Complementary Periodic Structures for Miniaturization of Planar Antennas

Pages 1463-1468

M. Shahabadi; Reza Faraji-Dana; Jalil Rashed-Mohassel; Saughar Jarchi

11. Reliability Optimization for Complicated Systems with a Choice of Redundancy Strategies (TECHNICAL NOTE)

Pages 1476-1485

Erfan Zangeneh; A. Makui; S.J. Sadjadi; Seyed Erfan Mohammadi