Volume & Issue: Volume 28, Issue 2, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, February 2015 
Simulation of Strap-On Boosters Separation in the Atmosphere

Pages 164-171

Mostafa Jafari; Hamid Parhizkar; Sadjad Ghasemlu

Simulation Study: The Role of Area to Volume Ratio and Key Parameters in Cylindrical Micro Combustors

Pages 261-269

Denny Widhiyanuriawan; Slamet Wahyudi; Sudjito Soeparman; Wirawan Wirawan

Investigation of Thermoelastic Damping in the Longitudinal Vibration of a Micro Beam

Pages 314-320

Ghader rezazadeh; rasoul shabani; Saber Najafi; Mohammad Maroofi

A Simple Method for Modeling Open Cracked Beam

Pages 321-329

Mohammad Hassan Ghasemi; Amar Mofid Nakhaei; Morteza Dardel