More about Thermosyphone Rankine Cycle Performance Enhancement (RESEARCH NOTE)


Mechanical Engineering, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili


The heat pipe applications have been coupled with the renewable energy such as solar energy, waste heat and geothermal energy. Thermosyphon Rankine Cycle (TRC) is a vertical wickless heat pipe engine. In this engine, the turbine is installed between the insulated section and a condenser section of thermosyphon. The mechanical energy developed by the turbine can be converted to electricity, by direct coupling to an electrical generator. Present work simulation results showed that the enhanced TRC model is able to increase the efficiency of the TRC system. This paper introduces the miscellanies new ways in order to improve the performance of a TRC system for supplying the sustainable electricity. For example, the increasing percent of the turbine useful efficiency due to the superheating process was obtained as 0.78% .