Analysis of Magneto-hydrodynamics Jeffery-Hamel Flow with Nanoparticles by Hermite-Padé Approximation


1 Mathematics, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

2 Matematics, Jagannath University


The combined effects of nanoparticle and magnetic field on the nonlinear Jeffery-Hamel flow are analyzed in the present study. The basic governing equations are solved analytically to nonlinear ordinary differential equation using perturbation method together with a semi-numerical analytical technique called Hermite- Padé approximation. The obtained results are well agreed with that of the Adomian decomposition method (ADM). The velocity profiles are presented in divergent channel for various values of nanoparticle solid volume fraction, Hartmann number, Reynolds number and channel angle. The relations between velocity field with Reynolds number and channel angle with the effect of nanoparticle solid volume fraction and Hartmann number are also performed qualitatively.