A New Procedure of Impact Wearevaluation of Mill Liner (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 Mechanical Engineering, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

2 Mechanical Engineering, Graduate University of Advanced Technology

3 Mechanical Engineering, Sirjan University of Technology


The significant costs insert on mineral processes due to mill liner wear including the labor costs, price of material and shut down periods. Therefore, the study of this phenomenon is economically important to optimize the mill operating conditions and liner profile design to decrease the wear rate. There is no appropriate and applicable research on impact wear evaluation of mill liners. In the present work, a procedure is presented for evaluation of impact wear of mill liners. A test machine is used to do impact wear experiments in different conditions of ball size, velocity and impact angle. A single relation of wear evaluation can be extracted of the experimental data. This relation is used to evaluate the liner wear due to impacts. The procedure is validated by measured liner wear of a laboratory mill. A plate is positioned in front of the cataract regime to eliminate it and enable us to measure the abrasion and impact wear separately. The comparisons show the acceptable accordance of evaluated and measured data so the liner wear of an operating mill can be evaluated by the procedure. The operating mill is in Sarcheshmeh copper complex in Iran. These studies helps us to have appropriate liner designs in order to postpone the liner wear and shut down periods as long as maintaining the mill performance.