Intelligent Health Evaluation Method of Slewing Bearing Adopting Multiple Types of Signals from Monitoring System


Mechanical Engineering, Nanjing Tech University


Slewing bearing, which is widely applied in tank, excavator and wind turbine, is a critical component of rotational machine. Standard procedure for bearing life calculation and condition assessment was established in general rolling bearings, nevertheless, relatively less literatures, in regard to the health condition assessment of slewing bearing, were published in past. Real time health condition assessment for slewing bearing is used for the purpose of avoiding catastrophic failures by detectable and preventative measurement. In this paper, a new strategy was present for health evaluation of slewing bearing based on multiple characteristic parameters, and ANN (Artificial Neural Network ) and ANFIS(Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System ) models were demonstrated to predicted the health condition of slewing bearings. The prediction capabilities offered by ANN and ANFIS were shown by using data obtained from full life test of slewing bearings in NJUT test System. Various statistical performance indexes were utilized to compare the performance of two predicted models. The results suggest that ANFIS-based prediction model outperforms ANN models.