Volume & Issue: Volume 31, Issue 8, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, August 2018 
Discovering Popular Clicks\\\' Pattern of Teen Users for Query Recommendation

Pages 1205-1214

H Ghasemzadeh; M Ghasemzadeh; A. M Zareh Bidoki

Cooperative Benefit and Cost Games under Fairness Concerns

Pages 1250-1257

M Fadaei; R Tavakkoli-Moghaddam; A. A Taleizadeh; D Mohammaditabar

New Approaches in Metaheuristics to Solve the Truck Scheduling Problem in a Cross-docking Center

Pages 1258-1266

H. Mohammadzadeh; N. Sahebjamnia; A. M. Fathollahi-Fard; M. Hajiaghaei-Keshteli

Fabrication of Gelatin Scaffolds Using Thermally Induced Phase Separation Technique

Pages 1302-1307

N Sultana; M. I Hassan; N Ridzuan; Z Ibrahim; C. F Soon

Inhibitory Effects of Swietenia Mahagoni Seeds Extract on Α-Glucosidase and Α-amylase

Pages 1308-1317

N. S. Md Norodin; L. Md Salleh; N Yusof; N. M Mustapha; F Kamarulzaman; M. A Mohamed Zahari; N. A Bakeri

Synthesis and Characterization of CaO-TiO2 for Transesterification of Vegetable Palm Oil

Pages 1326-1333

M Mohamad; N Ngadi; S Wong; N. Y Yahya; I. M Inuwa; N. S Lani

CO2 Selective Carbon Tubular Membrane: The Effect of Stabilization Temperature on BTDA-TDI/MDI P84 Co-polyimide

Pages 1356-1363

N. Sazali; W. N. W. Salleh; A. F. Ismail; N. H. Ismail; M. N. M. Sokri; N. A. H. M. Nordin

Hydrophobicity Properties of Graphite and Reduced Graphene Oxide of The Polysulfone (PSf) Mixed Matrix Membrane

Pages 1381-1388

S. H. M Akhair; Z Harun; H Basri; R. A. R Ahmad; A. Q. A Rashid; F. H Azhar

Preliminary Characterization of Corn Cob Ash as an Alternative Material for Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane (CHFM/CCA)

Pages 1389-1397

N. H Kamarudin; Z Harun; M. H. D Othman; S. K Hubadillah; M. R Jamaluddin; K. N Yusof

The Coating Effect of PANI/Silver on Performance of Polysulfone Membrane Toward Protein Separation

Pages 1406-1412

A. Q. A Rashid; Z Harun; M. Z Yunos; A Ahma; R. A. R Ahamd; F. H Azhar

Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Coagulation/Nanofiltration Process for AT-POME Treatment

Pages 1430-1436

W. N. A. S Abdullah; T Nooruan; W. J Lau; F Aziz; A. F Ismail

Zwitterion Embedded Thin Film Composite Membrane for Oily Wastewater Treatment

Pages 1464-1472

W. J Lee; P. S Goh; W. J Lau; C. S Ong; A. F Ismail