Vibration Characteristics of Heavy Load Rackwith Split-hom together Structure (RESEARCH NOTE)


School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Sichuan University


Split-hom together structure is a new heavy load rack structure, and its reliability needs to be verified. Through analyzing multimodal hom-connection principle from the perspective of bionics and contact mechanics, the article puts forward three kinds of hom-connection methods and establishes the finite element model and mathematical model of the rack. Afterwards, the finite element model and the mathematical model are separately performed modal analysis and numerical simulation. The results of modal analysis show that the two sides` pressure of hom bonding interfaces remain higher than the pressure making sub body slip when the rack has prestress, so the rack is safe. Meanwhile the results of numerical simulation indicate that the displacement and deformation of the rack is consistent with the results of modal analysis when occurring resonance and working in the eccentric loading condition. The results validate the reliability of the design on split-hom together rack.