Simulation Study: The Role of Area to Volume Ratio and Key Parameters in Cylindrical Micro Combustors


1 Mechanical Engineering, Brawijaya University

2 Mechainical Engineering, Politeknik Negeri Malang (POLINEMA), Indonesia,


Abstract   A new micro combustion concept is described in this work by introducing a new terminology in the micro combustion. The effects of Area to Volume Ratio (AVR) of the micro-combustors were studied to find the best performance of designed micro-combustors. In order to test the feasibility of the designed micro combustors before the actual experiment is conducted, simulation work was performed. There are three key parameters involved in the current study: Area to Volume Ratio (AVR), Flow Velocity of the mixture (U), and Fuel-Air Equivalence Ration (ɸ). Main results of this experiment are images of temperature contour, graphs of temperature distribution profile, and graphs of mean temperature profile. This study found there is a specific range of mixture flow velocity (0.50 – 0.56 m/sec) which result a high and uniform temperature distribution as well as its best mean temperature of micro combustion process. The simulation work could also localized the specific range of AVR-value (1.40 – 2.01) which require further investigation in the future.