Investigation of Thermoelastic Damping in the Longitudinal Vibration of a Micro Beam


1 mechanical engineering, Urmia university

2 Mechanical Engineering, Urmia University


In the design of high Quality factor (Q) micro or nano beam resonators, different dissipation mechanisms may have damaging effects on the quality factor. One of the major dissipation mechanisms is the thermoelastic damping (TED) that needs an accurate consideration for prediction. In this paper, thermoelastic damping of the longitudinal vibration of a homogeneous micro beam with both ends clamped have been investigated. A Galerkin method has been used to analyze thermoelastic damping for the first mode of vibration of the micro beam. Then the quality factor and longitudinal vibrations frequency are obtained. Changing of Quality factor versus geometrical properties and ambient temperature for different materials are plotted.