Deterministic Measurement of Reliability and Performance Using Explicit Colored Petri Net in Business Process Execution Language and Eflow


1 Department of Computing, University Technology Malaysia

2 Computer Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Sari Branch, Iran


Today there are many techniques for web service compositions. Evaluation of quality parameters has great impact on evaluation of final product. BPEL is one of those techniques that several researches have been done on its evaluation. However, there are few researches on evaluation of QoS in eflow. This research tries to evaluate performance and reliability of eflow and BPEL through mapping them to explicit colored petri net. To achieve this goal, colored petri net was enhanced with a new block of immediate transition, called Pick split/join. Then, a transformation table was proposed to show the mapping rules from basic and structured activities in eflow and BPEL to colored petri net. Finally, theory of probability was applied on the model to measure QoS. Web Servie Evaluation Tool (WSET), a case tool in Java programming language, was developed for further simulation.