Aeolian Vibrations of Transmission Line Conductors with More than One Damper


Mechanical Engineering, University of Tabriz, Iran


To reduce the damages of aeolian vibration of conductors to the power transmission networks, the most common method is installation of Stock-bridge dampers. Estimation of the damper’s dissipated energy is an important factor in determining the number and location of installation of these types of vibration absorbers. This estimation is strongly dependent upon the assumed mode shape of the conductor vibration. The results of current study show that the available methods do not provide an accurate answer for energy dissipation of a conductor with more than one damper. This paper provides a comprehensive method for calculating the mode shapes and dissipated energy in which the effects of travelling wave, amplitude and phase variations, boundary conditions as well as the influence of the number, position, and impedance of the dampers on the mode shape are taken into account. Moreover, the frequency bands of high-amplitude vibration potential can be identified without the need to extract the vibration amplitude.