Volume & Issue: Volume 27, Issue 5, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, May 2014 
6. A Capacitive Fed Microstrip Patch Antenna with Air Gap for Wideband Applications (RESEARCH NOTE)

Pages 715-722

Arman Azadi; Pejman Rezaei; Mohammad Mehdi Fakharian; Mahmoud Reza Dadras

8. A Robust STATCOM Controller using Particle Swarm Optimization

Pages 731-738

deepa somasundaram; ranjani M; samuel rajesh babu

13. Synthesis of Tantalum Carbide/Boride Nano Composite Powders by Mechanochemical Method

Pages 769-774

saeed reza Bakhshi; Gholam hossein Borhani; Behzad Mehdikhani; Hamid reza Baharvandi

14. Simulation of Store Separation using Low-cost CFD with Dynamic Meshing

Pages 775-784

Hamid Parhizkar; Sadjad Ghasemlu; A.R. Toloei; Mostafa Jafari

16. An Analytical Model for Flame Propagation through Moist Lycopodium Particles with Non-unity Lewis Number

Pages 793-802

Hossein Beidaghy Dizaji; Farzad Faraji Dizaji; Seyed alireza Mostafavi

18. Drying Kinetics of Muscat Grapes in a Solar Drier with Evacuated Tube Collector

Pages 811-818

Subramanian C.V; Neelamegam P; Umayal Sundari AR