Volume & Issue: Volume 27, Issue 4, TRANSACTIONS A: Basics, April 2014 
A Robust Model for a Dynamic Cellular Manufacturing System with Production Planning

Pages 587-598

Mandana Sakhaii; Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam; Behdad Vatani

Effect of Gas Mixture H2-N2 on Microstructure and Microhardness of Steel 32CDV13 Nitrided by Plasma

Pages 621-624

Said Benramache; Abdelouahed Chala; Okba Belahssen; Djamel Bensahal

Static Pull-in Analysis of Capacitive FGM Nanocantilevers Subjected to Thermal Moment using Eringen’s Nonlocal Elasticity

Pages 633-642

Ghader rezazadeh; Hadi Madinei; Mohammad-reza Zamanzadeh; Ilgar Jafarsadeghi-pournaki

Hydroelastic Vibration of a Circular Diaphragm in the Fluid Chamber of a Reciprocating Micro Pump

Pages 643-650

rasoul shabani; saeed tariverdilo; iraj mirzaie; vahid Gharebagh; Farzin G. Golzar