Mapping CRC Card into Stochastic Petri Net for Analyzing and Evaluating Quality Parameter of Security (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 Computer & Electrical Eng., Islamic Azad Univresity , Sari

2 Computer & Electrical Eng., Payame noor University of Manjil

3 Computer & Electrical Eng., Tabari University of Babol


CRC cards are unconventional method for identifying and describing classes, behavior and its responsibilities and collaborators of class. Representation of three categories of class, responsibilities and collaborators can give proper image of scenario. These cards are effective method for analyzing scenarios. With all positive features of CRC cards, of weaknesses of these cards are failure to show details of operations and failure to evaluate them. These weaknesses guide us to model and evaluate these cards using petri nets. Basis of petri nets is on graph. In addition that petri nets have mathematical structure and definitions, they have graphics. One of the other important characteristics of petri nets is their applicability which can be used for evaluating behavior and efficiency of a system. Therefore, our goal in this paper is to map CRC cards into stochastic petri net for evaluating and analyzing quality parameter of security.