AC Electrophoresis; Deposition of Ceramic Nanaoparticles on In-plane Electrodes at Low Frequencies (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 Ceramic, Material and Energy Research Center(MERC)

2 Ceramic department, Material and Energy Research C, Materials and Energy Research Center, Tehran, Iran

3 Electronic, University of Barcelona


Deposition of ceramic nanoparticles (dispersed in a non-aqueous suspension) on in-plane electrodes and under the influence of AC electric fields in the frequency range of 0.01 Hz - 10 kHz is investigated. Analysis of the particle response to the applied field is a difficult task due to the mutual effect of electric- and hydrodynamic force which are present in the system. In this work, however, we show the possibility of dividing the frequency range into four domains with four distinct governing mechanisms. Possible mechanisms are suggested and dominant forces are determined for each domain. In situ optical microscopy observations as well as numerical calculations are used for three dimensional visualization of nanoparticles´ movement dispersed in liquid medium. New applications such as micro-patterning and sorting ceramic particles are introduced for the first time.