A Robust Model for a Dynamic Cellular Manufacturing System with Production Planning


1 Industrial Engineering, University of Tabriz

2 Industrial Engineering, University of Tehran

3 Electrical Engineering, Semnan University


In this paper, a robust optimization approach is proposed to design a dynamic cellular manufacturing system (DCMS) under uncertainty of processing time of products. In addition, a mathematical model considering cell formation, inter-cell design and production planning under a dynamic environment (i.e., product mix and demand are changed in each period) is presented. Therefore, reconfiguration becomes necessary for one period in relative with previous periods. The aim of this model is to minimize inter and intra-cell material handling movements, inventory holding, back order and reconfiguration costs. Furthermore, alternative routing for each part is considered, in which one of its routing with the lowest cost is chosen among its other routings for each part. Finally, a numerical example is solved to demonstrate the behavior of the presented model and verify the performance of the developed approach.