Improvement of the Solvent Extraction of Rhenium from Molybdenite Roasting Dust Leaching Solution using Counter-current Extraction by a Mixer-settler Extractor (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, University of Shahid Bahonar

2 Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Material and Energy Research Center


Continuous counter-current extraction of rhenium from roasting dust leach liquor was carried out using a mixer-settler extractor. Tributylphosphate was used as the extractant diluted in kerosene. The effects of the flow rates and extraction stages number were investigated. The extraction efficiency was affected by the flow rates of the aqueous and organic phases, and its mechanism was qualitatively discussed on the basis of the stoichiometric relation of the extraction. Also, rhenium extraction mass balance and simulation in the mixer settler was studied. A high rhenium percentage extraction (95.43%) in phase ratio 1:1 was achieved using a countercurrent four-stage extraction process. The continuous counter-current extraction technique is used in this research work is shown to be effective for rhenium extraction from the leach solutions of the dust of molybdenite roasting furnaces.