Volume & Issue: Volume 33, Issue 9, TRANSACTIONS C: Aspects, September 2020, Pages 1696-1816 
6. Collapse Problem Treatment of Gypseous Soil by Nanomaterials

Pages 1737-1742

A. L. Hayal; A. M. B. Al-Gharrawi; M. Y. Fattah

7. Plant Classification in Images of Natural Scenes Using Segmentations Fusion

Pages 1743-1750

N. Nikbakhsh; Y. Baleghi Damavandi; H. Agahi

11. Experimental Study on Warm Incremental Tube Forming of AA6063 Aluminum Tubes

Pages 1773-1779

F. Rahmani; S. M. H. Seyedkashi; S. J. Hashemi

13. Ballistic Testing and Simulation of Co-continuous Ceramic Composite for Body Armour

Pages 1792-1796

A. S. Prasanth; R. Ramesh; T. S. Kavinesh Sankaar