Volume & Issue: Volume 30, Issue 2, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, February 2017 
A Time Dependent Pollution Routing Problem in Multi-graph

Pages 234-242

Amirhosein Patoghi; Zohreh Shakeri; Mostafa Setak

Critical Path Method for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Preemption

Pages 261-269

Babak Yousefi Yegane; Narges Khanlarzade; Isa Nakhai Kamalabadi

Monitoring Financial Processes with ARMA-GARCH Model Based on Shewhart Control Chart (Case Study: Tehran Stock Exchange)

Pages 270-280

Hojatollah Sadeghi; Mohammad Saleh Owlia; Mohammad Hadi Doroudyan; Amirhossein Amiri

A Strain Range Dependent Cyclic Plasticity Model

Pages 321-329

G. H. Majzoubi; Ehsan Khademi; N Bonora