Constrained Model Predictive Control of Low-power Industrial Gas Turbine


Information Technology Group, K. N.Toosi University of Technology


Nowadays, extensive research has been conducted for gas turbine engines control due to growing importance of gas turbine engines for different industries and the need to design a suitable control system for a gas turbine as the heart of the industry. In order to design gas turbine control system, various control variables can be used, but in the meantime, fuel flow inserting into combustion chamber will be a sufficient alternative due to its remarkable influence in compassion with all parameters of engine functionality such as rotors turn, compressor pressure ratio, specific fuel consumption and inlet turbine temperature. It should be noted that some of these parameters must be operated in a specific operation range. Therefore, we must adopt an appropriate control system to hold parameters within acceptable region. On the other hand, gas turbine encompasses complex, nonlinear and time-variant behavior such that mentioned parameters are constantly changing with variations of operating conditions. In this paper, a closed loop Model Predictive Control (MPC) controller has been designed which can be executed based on optimization process.