Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 1, TRANSACTIONS A: Basics, January 2013 
Fatigue Life of Repaired Welded Tubular Joints

Pages 25-32

N. Habibi; A.H. Mahmoudi; G.H. Majzoobi; G. H. Farrahi

The Effect of Normal Anisotropy on Thin-Walled Tube Bending

Pages 83-90

Mahmoud Barati; Mehrdad Poursina; Behnaz Amini; Korosh Hassanpour

Experimental Studies on Savonius-type Vertical Axis Turbine for Low Marine Current Velocity

Pages 91-98

Mohamad Abdul Ghani; Dedy Suprayogi; Omar Yaakob; Kamarul Tawi