Fully Fresh Air Air-conditioning System Equipped with Double Heat Pipe Based Heat Recovery Technology


1 Marine Engineering, Chabahar Maritime University

2 Mechanical EngineeringDepartment, University of Malaya


The using of double heat pipe based heat exchanger (HPHX) in a conventional fully fresh air air-conditioning (AC) system was examined in the present study. The fabricated HPHXs were tested under the actual conditions and the measured data were used to study the performance of the existing AC system (System A) and AC system equipped with the double HPHX (System B) for a yearly operation through modeling in the TRNSYS software. Simulation results showed that the System B with the six and eight-row HPHXs, could maintain the air conditions within the recommendations; however, it was found that the System B with double eight-row HPHXs is superior in terms of energy savings.