Characteristics of Particleboard Made from Sedar Chips and Wood Slabs (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 Faculty of Wood Engineering, Agriculture and Natural Resources University of Gorgan

2 Industrial Engineering, IIslamic Azad University


This study was Characteristics of manufacture particleboard (PB) from sedar and wood slab of impregnated with UF. The chips were divided into coarse chips with dimensions of 2-4 mesh and fine chips of 30–60 mesh, urea formaldehyde (UF) resin solution at concentrations of 45 %, and 55% sprayed on these chips about 1 min until 10% to dry weight chips, they were dried under 5% moisture in a dram dryer before impregnated with resin. Three-layer mats with target densities of 0.70 g/cm3 were formed by using fine chips for the face layer (20%) and back layer (20%) and coarse chips for the core layer (60%). A conventional hot press was used for fabrication of the PB, and the temperature, pressure and pressing time were 2.7 MPa, and 240 sec, respectively. The nominal dimensions of particleboard were 3660×1830×16 mm (thick).Result showed that the mechanical properties of PB increased with an increase in the percent of UF. Their represented could by efficacy between proportion of sedar with slab, Also percent of surface with core layers. The bending strength, internal bonding strength, and thickness swelling (%) of the UF-impregnated particleboards exhibited excellent performances compared to those made in the past