Volume & Issue: Volume 29, Issue 6, TRANSACTIONS C: Aspects, June 2016 
Uranium Ions Removal Using Amberlite CG-400 Anion Exchanger Resin in the Presence of Sulfate Anions

Pages 728-734

M. Outokesh; Hamid Sepehrian; Mohammadreza Kosari; Javad Fasihi; Mohammad Mahani

Analysis of Structural Vibrations due to Passage of Underground Trains

Pages 742-751

Razieh Nikbakht; Amir Moghtaderi Esfahani; F. Behnamfar; Mahdi Ghandil

Minimizing Makespan with Start Time Dependent Jobs in a Two Machine Flow Shop

Pages 778-787

Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam; Mohammad Mehdi Lotfi; Hasan Khademi Zare; Abbasa-Ali Jafari

Couple Stress Effect on Micro/Nanocantilever-based Capacitive Gas Sensor

Pages 852-861

Seyed Mohsen Safavi; Ghader rezazadeh; Mohammad Fathalilou; Amir Musa Abazari