Analysis of Flashover Voltages of Disc Type Insulator under Artificial Pollution Condition (TECHNICAL NOTE)


Electrical Engineering Department, Z H College of Engineering and Technology


Through this paper work we have analyzed the effect of different contaminants on the flashover by creating artificial pollution condition, considering the natural condition where more than one salt as contaminant deposits on the surface of insulator at a time, under the wet condition that cause flow of highly leakage current, that leads to flashover. We choses the mixture of different salts, some of them are mixture of soluble salts, while some of them are combination of soluble and insoluble salts, by measuring the conductivity of polluted surface of disc type insulator and their pH value for different salt contaminants, we determine ESDD, NSDD, ESDD/NSDD and analyzed how the flashover voltages varies with all these parameters.