A New Wavelet Based Spatio-temporal Method for Magnification of Subtle Motions in Video


Department of Electrical Eng and Information Techn, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Tech


Video magnification is a computational procedure to reveal subtle variations during video frames that are invisible to the naked eye. A new spatio-temporal method which makes use of connectivity based mapping of the wavelet sub-bands is introduced here for exaggerating of small motions during video frames. In this method, firstly the wavelet transformed frames are mapped to connectivity space and then decomposed into different spatial frequency bands by applying Laplacian Pyramid to determine the pixels having more chance to be a part of a movement. Finally each candidate is partially magnified based on its time history. The performance of the proposed method is evaluated on real videos which contain several subtle motions. Parameters for performance evaluation are presented and obtained results are compared with one of state-of-the-art video magnification methods. Increased true positive rate in parallel with simultaneous decrease in false positive rate confirm the effectiveness of the proposed method in amplifying subtle motions.