An Optimal Selection of Induction Heating Capacitance by Genetic Algorithm Considering Dissipation Loss Caused by ESR (TECHNICAL NOTE)


Engineering, Shahre Kord University


In design of a parallel resonant induction heating system, choosing a proper capacitancefor the resonant circuit is quite important. The capacitance affects the resonant frequency, outputpower, Q-factor, heating efficiency and power factor. In this paper, the role of equivalent seriesresistance (ESR) in the choice of capacitance is significantly recognized. Optimal value of resonancecapacitor is achieved by using genetic algorithm method under voltage constraint for maximizing theoutput power of an induction heater, while minimizing the power loss and inverter switchingfrequency at the same time. Based on the equivalent circuit model of an induction heating system, theoutput power, and the capacitor losses are calculated. The effectiveness of the proposed method isverified by computer simulations.