A Mathematical Model for Blood Flow Through Narrow Vessels with Mild-Stenosis (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 Mathematics, nikhil institute of engineering and managment mathura

2 Mathematics, Basic Science Institute

3 Department Of Mathematics, IIT Roorkee,Roorkee,India


In this paper we examine the effect of mild stenosis on blood flow, in an irregular axisymmetric artery with oscillating pressure gradient. The Herschel-Bulkley fluid model has been utilized for this study. The combined influence of an asymmetric shape and surface irregularities of constriction has been explored in this computational study. An extensive quantitative analysis has been performed for narrowing of vessels through numerical computations on the flow velocity, plug flow rate and the apparent fluidity. The graphical representations have been made to validate the analytical findings with a view of its applicability to stenotic diseases. Velocity profiles, plug flow rate, and apparent fluidity along the radius of the obstructed tube are determined to give the flow characteristics, for diagnostic point of view. The effects of viscosity on the flow field are examined numerically and are shown graphically.