Volume & Issue: Volume 22, Issue 1, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, April 2009 
4. A Novel Method for Tracking Moving Objects using Block-Based Similarity

Pages 35-42

Reza PR Hasanzadeh; Seyed Navid Shahrouzi; M. Mahdavi

7. Log-Normal and Mono-Sized Particles’ Packing into a Bounded Region

Pages 57-62

A. Esmaielzadeh Kandjani; P. Salehpoor; M. Farzalipour Tabriz; M.R. Vaezi

8. The Effect of Geometrical Characteristics of Desiccant Wheel on its Performance

Pages 63-75

S. Delfani; Hadi Pasdarshahri; Ghassem Heidarinejad