Analytical Modeling of Heat Transfer Coefficient Analysis in Dimensionless Number of an Electric Parking Brake Using CFD

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1 Research Scholar of Mechanical Engineering, Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Matunga (E), Mumbai, India

2 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Matunga (E), Mumbai, India


The present study intends the development of an electric parking brake (EPB) for commercial vehicles (CVs). CVs with EPB applications are currently available in an entirely different set of issues than EPB applications on passenger cars, which are presently widely used. Safe parking requires much more focus with an order of magnitude, more thermal capacity, brake mass, and clamp pressures. In the first instance, heat loss from the brake disc was estimated. The investigations also allowed for precise prediction of radiative heat loss by defining surface emissivity. The parameters of air movement, convective heat transfer coefficients, and velocities were investigated, and validation was done with the CFD model. When the temperature dropped to 252 °C, the maximum estimated value of the Nusselt number was 72.25. Nusselt number pattern that looks identical over the arc surface yields 13.38 percent better results. Nu values at maximum temperature were calculated to be 80.5  and 82.6  at 251.8 °C. The “hconv” value was 4.1 percent lower than in the arc region, with the highest value at 400°C being 11.5 W/m2K. The present study adopted unique approach and obtained brake disc temperature and the coefficient of convective heat transfer on disc friction surfaces and hat regions. CFD modeling was done during the cooling phase to evaluate flow patterns and “hconv” fluctuation across the entire disc brake surface area. The mathematical modeling and adopted methodology for computing heat transfer coefficients for different disc regions have helped to better understand of a CV brake disc heat dissipation.


Main Subjects

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