Joint Allocation of Computational and Communication Resources to Improve Energy Efficiency in Cellular Networks

Document Type : Original Article


Cell Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran


Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is a new technology that has been developed to overcome the restrictions of smart mobile devices (e.g. battery, processing power, storage capacity, etc.) to send a part of the program (with complex computing) to the cloud server (CS). In this paper, we study a multi-cell with multi-input and multi-output (MIMO) system in which the cell-interior users request service for their processing from a common CS. Also, the problem of the optimum offloading is considered as an optimization problem with optimization parameters including communication resources (such as bandwidth, transmit power and backhaul link capacity) and computational resources (such as the capacity of cloud server) in the downlink network. The main goal is to minimize the total energy consumption by mobile users (MUs) for processing with the delay limitation for each use. This issue leads to a non-convex problem and to solve the problem, we use successive convex approximation (SCA) method. We finally show that the joint optimization of these parameters leads to reducing the energy consumption of the network with simulation examples.