Fingertip Radius Effect of an on-Surface-Manipulated Object


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Isfahan

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology


Cooperative arms are two or more arms in series which assume the structure of a parallel robot on account of gripping an intermediary object, and are commonly used in accurate assembly industries, coaxialization, movement of object, etc. Gripping an intermediary object is one of the complicated subjects in analysis of cooperative arms, whose analysis is mostly dependent upon the manner the object is gripped by the arms fingertips. In the case of griping objects in frictional manner, the elimination of unwanted slippage of fingertips on the object due to the environmental factors, and also the effect of the fingertips geometry on the movement equations are among the major topics in such arms analysis. The dynamic analysis and control synthesis of the undesired slippage between an object and robot fingertips in object manipulation and the effects of finger radius or geometry of the fingertip on the function dynamics and slippage control is studied in this article. The slip/roll contact model is applied in the dynamic formulation and analysis of the finger geometry the effects of which are studied using numerical simulation.