Development of an Enhanced Gain Substrate Integrated Waveguide H-plane Horn Antenna Using Thin Substarte


1 Electrical, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

2 Electrical engineering, Ferdowsi univ. of Mashhad


In this paper a dual band and high gain H-plane horn antenna implemented by substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) using a single layer thin substrate is introduced. The proposed antenna consists of five parts of rectangular waveguide with different width arranged in a staircase manner to allow mode combination of fundamental and higher propagating modes of the structure. By adjusting the length and width of different parts, suitable combination of amplitude and phase along radiating aperture is occurred and half power beamwidth at H-plane pattern is improved. A grounded pin is added at the middle of the radiating aperture to improve Side Lobe Level (SLL) and to obtain dual band operating condition. Moreover, by adding a metallic reflector plate around the radiating aperture, the antenna gain is enhanced. The proposed antenna has been successfully simulated, fabricated and its radiation performances including reflection coefficient, radiation patterns are measured in an anechoic chamber. Measured results show that antenna gain is 9.6 dBi and 7.2 dBi at the first and second band respectively.