New Low Cost Printed Antenna CPW-Fed for Global Positioning System, Personal Communication System and Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access Band Applications (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 physics, FST of Settat Hassan 1st University

2 Applied Physics, Faculty of Sciences and Technicals of Settat

3 physics, university of Cantabria Santander


This paper presents a new design of a CPW-Fed multi bands planar antenna. This antenna can be integrated easily with passive and active elements. The proposed antenna is suitable to operate for GPS, PCS and WiMAX bands. Its entire area is 52.3x52.6mm2 and is employed on an FR-4 epoxy substrate and fed by a 50 Ohm coplanar line. The antenna parameters have been analyzed and optimized by using ADS “Advanced Design System”. Before passing to the fabrication of this antenna structure, we have conducted an study into simulation by using CST Microwave studio and Ansoft’s HFSS solvers in order to verify the ADS results. The fabrication and the test of the final circuit permit to have a good agreement between simulation and measurement results.