Investigation of the Effects of Non-Linear and Non-Homogeneous Non-Fourier Heat Conduction Equations on Temperature Distribution in a Semi-Infinite Body


Factuly of Engineering, Ayatollah Borujerdi University


In this paper, the non-Fourier heat conduction in a semi-infinite body was examined. The heat wave non-Fourier heat conduction model was used for thermal analysis. Thermal conductivity was assumed temperature-dependent which resulted in a non-linear equation. The heat source was also considered temperature-dependent which resulted in a non-homogeneous equation. The Mac-Cormack predictor-corrector numerical method was employed to solve the equations. It was concluded that, the non-linear analysis of the non-Fourier heat transfer problems is of great importance. Also, the case which assumed a temperature-dependent heat source had a considerable difference with the case where a constant heat source was assumed.