Effects of Flight Dynamics on Performance of One Axis Gimbal System, Considering Disturbance Torques


1 Electrical Engineering, Malek Ashtar University of Technology

2 Department of Control Engineering, Damavand Branch, Islamic Azad University


The gimbal stabilization mechanism system is used to provide the stability to an object mounted on the gimbal by isolating it from the base angular motion and vibration. In this paper the model of one axis gimbal system with dynamics flying object is introduced. The gimbal torque relationships are obtained using Newton’s second law equation on the assumption that gimbal is rigid body. The system is modelled using Simulink MATLAB. In fact, the purpose of this research was to analyse effects of flight dynamics on performance of one axis gimbal system. The simulation results are discussed and compared to show the validity of the gimbal system proposed at the flight path. Also, the results show that the gimbal system stabilizes the line of sight even when the disturbance torques effect on the system performance.