Batch Kinetics and Modeling of Alkaline Protease Production by Isolated Bacillus sp. (RESEARCH NOTE)


Chemical Engineering, University of Guilan


The aim of this study was the use of fish waste hydrolysate (FWH) as a substrate for alkaline protease production using isolated Bacillus sp. in a batch system. Then the fermentation kinetics of enzyme production was studied. The results show that with the addition of FWH to the fermentation medium with a final concentration of 4% (optimal concentration), alkaline protease value reached a maximum value (89 U/ml), which is 63% higher than that of the control medium.  Also fermentation kinetics of alkaline protease by isolated Bacillus sp. was studied. Several kinetic models were evaluated; the combination of the Moser and Boulton kinetic model gave the best prediction. This nonlinear mathematical model performed satisfactory on biomass, substrate, and enzyme predictions.