A Procedure for Preparation of Semi-activated Carbon Fiber without any Treatment under High Temperature


School of Chemical, Gas and Petroleum Engineering, Semnan University


A procedure for preparation of semi-activated carbon fiber (SACF) without any treatment under high temperature was proposed. The first step of the procedure is coating of an inorganic fiber (E-glass fiber) by an adsorbent mixture including powder activated carbon, methyl cellulose and water. In this work a set of experiments was performed to attain appropriate adsorbent mixture for good quality of coating. The best composition was investigated based on the adsorption property and the mechanical property of the coated fibers. The results showed that an adsorbent mixture containing 3 wt% or 4 wt% of methyl cellulose, and 15-20 wt% of activated carbon represents good quality of coating. The adsorption property of the coated fibers was studied by determination of iodine number for the adsorbent mixture. In this work the weight percent of the coated adsorbent mixture on the fibers were also obtained and reported. The mechanical property was examined by flowing of air through a packing of the coated fibers. BET surface area of the samples also was examined and compared to other reported works. The results showed that the surfaces area of the samples were eighter equal to or higher than other disclosed works. The weight loss of the coated fibers packing was measured after 20, 40 and 60 min flowing of air through a packing of the SACFs. The weight loss in all cases was very low (up to 0.001 gr); thus good quality of coating can be inferred.