Ballistic Performance of Hybrid Armor with Ceramic Inserts and Polymeric Matrix for Different Threat Levels (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 Materials, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Tech

2 Composite Materials, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute


  Ceramic materials due to their high compressive strength and hardness have been one of prime candidates in armor design in particular when high level threads (impact velocity above 600m/s) are involved. The aim of this work is to investigate ballistic impact resistance potential for a target plate with novel ceramic inserts as against ceramic tiles. Two size 98% alumina (AL2O3) base ceramic inserts with 10mm diameter and 6 and 10mm in length were used in the specimen’s preparation. Also 6 and 10mm thick ceramic tiles were used to compare the ballistic performance. Gas gun was used to carry out high velocity ballistic impact tests in velocity range of 530- 830m/s on both target plates. Results showed outstanding ballistic performance by the target plate with ceramic inserts in term of lower residual velocity for the specimens which experienced perforation and lower damage area compared to totally disintegrated plates containing ceramic tiles. Also specimens containing ceramic inserts showed good ballistic resistance in case of multiple impacts whereas the specimens with ceramic tiles almost totally lost its ballistic potentials. Ability to repair on site (debris removal and new ceramic insert replacement) is among unique advantages of this novel design in the armor application.