An Intelligent Algorithm based Controller for Multiple Output DC-DC Converters with Voltage Mode Weighting Factor


Electrical Engineering, Imam Khomeni International University


Multiple output DC-DC converters are widely used in many applications such as aerospace, industrial and medical equipments. The purpose of this paper is to present an intelligent control system for the multiple output DC-DC converters. In order to perform this purpose, a double ended forward DC-DC converter with three output voltages (+5 V/ 50W, +15 V/ 45W and -15 V/ 15W) is considered and analyzed. The voltage mode weighting factor control system with Genetic Algorithm (GA) is performed on the considered DC-DC converter. Furthermore, a PID controller is utilized to minimize the total steady state error. The stability proofs of the system in presence of PID Controller have been analyzed. The results show that the GA weighting factors estimator improves the cross and output regulations in multiple output DC-DC converters. Simulation results verify and confirm the truth and accuracy of the proposed method