Analytical and Experimental Investigation of I Beam-to-CFT Column Connections under Monotonic Loading (RESEARCH NOTE)


Civil Engineering, Babol Noshirvani University of technology


In this study, the behavior characteristics of I beam-to-concrete filled tube (CFT) column connection is studied through experiment and finite element models under the monotonic loading. To validate the finite element modeling, at first, an experimental model is made and experimented. After validation of the finite element modeling, different models were created in the software. The studied parameters include the endplate thickness and the connection type. Various types of endplate thickness are studied for bolted and weld connections. For bolted connections, different types of I beam-to-CFT column connections are studied by using the bolts passing and not passing through the CFT section. The Results show that increase in endplate thickness leads to increase in the connection flexural strength and stiffness and decrease in rotation in a specific resistance value.